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Monday, February 18th, 2019

This is the personal website of Sherri Wheeler. Web developer, mom, gamer, geek, and owner of Avinus Web Services (among other projects).

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I love this domain - OfItAll.com - it allows me to do all kinds of fun things with subdomains. Anyway, these are my personal websites and here you'll find all kinds of random info, links, and stuff I find interesting or I'm working on. Enjoy!

Lord Of The Rings: Living Card Game

My husband and I love this game. I've been slowly buying him (us) the expansions and adventure packs for birthdays and Christmases. It's been a rare treat to play such a challenging and rich co-op card game. He usually plays a Tactics and Spirit deck. And I play Leadership and Lore. Here I have some resources for fellow fans of the game.

Expansions & Adventure Packs Checklist

A printer-friendly condensed checklist of the expansions, sagas and adventure packs available for LotR LCG in their game-play order. Keep track of what you have and still need to buy. This simple set list is hard to find so I created a PDF. (Does not contain a list of individual cards.)

The list also shows the difficulty level of each scenario and a spot to pencil in your best score on each one!

I'll announce updates to this document on Twitter (@sherrionline).

Please let me know if you have details to fill in anything missing from the list!

» LotR LCG: Expansions, Sagas & Packs Checklist (PDF)
Updated: 2016-07-06

Info gathered from Tales From The Cards and Fantasy Flight Games.

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